If You Are a Lover or a Fighter, According to Your Personality Type

If You Are a Lover or a Fighter, According to Your Personality Type

Are you a lover or are you a fighter? Each person has a unique spirit, and some of us veer more towards being a lover or a fighter. Here is where you fall on that spectrum, based on your personality type.


INFJs are a little bit of a both when it comes to being a lover or a fighter. They prefer to focus more on love though, and don’t often enjoy conflict. INFJs enjoy connecting to people and are always trying to do what they can to make others happy. They are loving and warm people, with big and compassionate hearts. INFJs are lovers by nature, but they have a fighting side as well. When they become combative with people it is often for the right reasons, or because they have been pushed too hard for too long. INFJs are complex people, who often live on both sides of a coin.


ENFJs are definitely both lovers and fighters, but their main focus is love. They care deeply about the people around them, and are always striving to make others happy. This warm and caring nature makes ENFJs much more fit to be lovers. They do however, have times when they are frustrated by people and need to enlist a more aggressive side to their personality. ENFJs are not afraid to fight when it is necessary, and are a force to be reckoned with. ENFJs are loving people with compassionate hearts, but they also know how to fight when they have to.


INFPs are definitely lovers much more than they are fighters. They often dislike discord, and enjoy being able to keep the peace. They don’t want to fight with people, and will avoid this when they can. INFPs would much rather enjoy spreading love and experiencing it from others. INFPs have big hearts, and truly want to see others happy. They dislike bringing negativity or pain to others, and simply want to do what they can to make a difference. INFPs are certainly willing to fight if they feel it is completely necessary, but they are naturally lovers.


ENFPs are a certainly lovers, but they have a fighting spirit in them as well. First and foremost they want to experience love, and enjoy being able to spread that love in return. ENFPs enjoy being around people who make them happy, and want to share their hearts with those they deem special enough. They value love and truly want to experience it in a real and meaningful way. While ENFPs are caring and loving people, they do have a spirit that permits them to fight from time to time. They stand up for what they believe in, especially with things that truly matter to them.


INTJs are unique people, who are much more balanced than most people realize. Between being lovers or fighters, they lean more towards having a fighting spirit. INTJs are always willing to push forward and overcome any obstacle in front of them. They are passionate people who have a natural hunger for knowledge and understanding. While INTJs are willing to fight for what they believe, they also enjoy healthy debates with other like-minded people. They are strong-willed people, who never back down when they know they should stand up and fight.


ENTJs are definitely more fighters than they are lovers, but they do possess a good deal of both in their spirit. ENTJs are always pushing forward and fighting for what they want. They have big goals and they know how to keep motivated in order to accomplish them. ENTJs are not afraid to stand up and fight, especially when it comes to going after what they want. ENTJs are strong-willed people, who don’t know what it means to give up.


INTPs are interesting and complex people, which often makes them a mix of both lover and fighter. INTPs value their relationships, even if this isn’t something they verbally express. They enjoy being able to connect with the people they love and care for, and sincerely want to see them happy. While INTPs do have a loving side to them, they also have a fighting spirit inside of them. They enjoy being able to push the boundaries, and actually value debating. They like to be able to debate as a way to reach a better understanding, and even learn something new themselves.


ENTPs are a good mix of both when it comes to being a lover or a fighter, but they are more dominantly fighters. ENTPs enjoy debating very much, and actually thrive when they are put to a challenge. ENTPs love trying new things and are always looking to expand their minds. They will often push the boundaries just to see what the results are, which is why ENTPs love debating so much. While ENTPs enjoy fighting, they also know what it means to be a lover. They enjoy connecting with people, especially the ones they believe are truly special.


ISTJs are definitely fighters, since they enjoy being able to push themselves to accomplish their goals. ISTJs always have some sort of future goal in mind, and they know how to plan in order to get it done. They are hardworking people, with strong wills and a fighting spirit. ISTJs might not enjoy fighting with people, but they will fight for what they want and what they believe in. They care about their loved ones, and will do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals to provide for them.


ESTJs are definitely fighters, and have a strong will in order to get things done. They never seem to give up, even when things become difficult around them. ESTJs are fighters and are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in, no matter what it takes. ESTJs never give up on what they believe in and will always push forward. They aren’t afraid to fight for things, or to fight against people who oppose them. ESTJs are strong and motivated people, but they do care deeply for their loved ones.


ISFJs are definitely lovers and don’t possess much of a fighting personality. While ISFJs will fight for what they believe in, they prefer to keep the peace. ISFJs focus on spreading love to those around them, and care deeply for the people in their lives. They are always trying to tend to the needs of others and possess very warm and giving hearts. ISFJs are definitely lovers, especially when it comes to the people they value most in life.


ESFJs are definitely lovers much more than they are fighters. When it comes to fighting ESFJs would much rather keep the peace, but they are capable of standing up for what they believe. ESFJs will only fight when they need to defend or protect someone they love. Ultimately ESFJs are motivated by love, and strive to care for the people in their lives. They are compassionate and loving people, and simply want to see those close to them happy and cared for.


ISTPs are more fighters than they are lovers, especially when it comes to their outlook on life. They are constantly seeking out excitement and adventure in their lives, and will fight for what they believe in. They have strong wills and are constantly motivated to move forward. ISTPs simply want to enjoy the moment, and have a desire to make life exciting and even a bit challenging.


ESTPs are a mix of lover and fighter, and have very passionate spirits. They enjoy debating and aren’t afraid to take on new challenges, which makes them fighters. At the same time ESTPs are passionate and enticing people, who enjoy connecting with others. They know how to be lovers, especially with those they value and connect with. ESTPs are both lovers and fighters, depending on the present moment and how they are feeling.


ISFPs are definitely lovers much more than they are fighters. They are warm and loving people, who enjoy connecting with others. They have calm and generous souls, and truly want to experience the beauty in the world around. ISFPs are definitely lovers in life, and do whatever they can to always follow their hearts. They do what they believe is right, and don’t expect others to understand this.


ESFPs are certainly lovers, and have passionate and giving spirits. They enjoy seeing others happy and are always trying to entertain those around them. ESFPs dislike fighting most of the time, and want their lives to be filled with joy and new experiences. ESFPs are always looking for something fun and exciting, and want to share this with their loved ones. They are loving people, who live in the moment without reservation.

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