How Each Personality Type Can Benefit From Meditation

How Each Personality Type Can Benefit From Meditation

There are many different types of meditation, and it is likely that each type can benefit from some form of it. Taking time to research the different processes, can help you to find which meditation style is best for you. Here is how each personality type can truly benefit from using meditation in their lives.


INFJs are the type of people who often have their thoughts on overdrive most of the day. This might even hinder their sleep sometimes because they cannot seem to silence their active minds. Because of this constant spinning of thoughts, INFJs can actually benefit greatly from meditation. Just clearing their minds for a short time each day can really help them to relax. Their constantly active inner world is a wonderful and beautiful thing, but it can also be stressful and unhealthy for the INFJ. If they can find time to meditate, it can help them to refresh and rejuvenate their minds. Meditation does not always involve a belief system, so the INFJ who wants to avoid that can feel comforted knowing that it is simply a way to help yourself feel better. Something like yoga can be a helpful way to ease them into meditation if they are feeling hesitant. They would do best to research the many different practices, and find a meditation process that works best for them.


ENFJs are focused and driven people- who never really seem to have time to slow down. Their minds are on overdrive, and so are their bodies. The ENFJ usually has a handful of tasks that they take on each day- which can be a bit overwhelming. They might feel like meditation is a waste of time, and that it takes too much out of their day. The truth is, if the ENFJ wants to continue caring for everyone else- they need to make time for themselves. Meditation can truly benefit the ENFJ, and help them to reduce their stress levels. Setting aside a small amount of time to breathe, and relax their thoughts- will help the ENFJ feel a million times more productive during the day. They should take time to research and find the meditation process that is most ideal for them.


INFPs have rich inner worlds and very sensitive spirits- this can often cause them to have struggles with anxiety. Because of their overactive thoughts and emotions- INFPs can truly benefit from meditation. They might struggle to keep themselves going for longer than a week, but if they force themselves into a schedule it should help. The process can truly help the INFP clear their thoughts, and even ease some of their anxious feelings. Even if they are just doing it for 10 minutes each day, it is a good start. It is best for them to keep researching to find a meditation process that works best for them. If the INFP feels like meditation alone is not a solution for them, than yoga actually might be more beneficial as a way to ease into it.


ENFPs have extremely active minds, and are constantly bouncing from one thought to another. Although they appear rather carefree on the outside, their minds can often be going over very stressful things. Meditation can be a great way for the ENFP to ease their thoughts and create a sense of calm. They might struggle to maintain still or focused for a long period a time, so short amounts are ideal for them. It might be a struggle for them, but this ability to let go of their thoughts can truly ground the ENFP and help them relax. They likely will do it sporadically, but will find that is can really benefit the ENFP. They might do best to begin with yoga, especially if they can do this with a friend.


Some INTJs find it helpful to meditate in order to ease their overwhelming thoughts, while others will truly dislike it. As usual, INTJs have their own unique process for things- which often causes them to feel rather differently. Some INTJs who have developed their functions, might find that taking some time out of their day to breathe and clear their thoughts, can actually be very helpful. Yoga might actually be the best solution for INTJs, since physical exercise truly helps them. Helping to strengthen their body and their physical being, is very beneficial for an INTJ.


ENTJs can often benefit from a combination of meditation and physical exercise. They are very driven and focused individuals, and because of this their minds are often on overdrive. ENTJs need to approach meditation from a purely logical and scientific standpoint. They usually do want like to add the different spiritual aspects to it, and would prefer to focus on what can be factual proven as beneficial to them. This type of meditation- combines with a healthy exercise regimen- is truly amazing for the ENTJ. It can help them to remain clear and focused during the day, so that they can get things done to the best of their abilities.


INTPs have extremely rich inner worlds- with minds that are constantly racing and processing a million different thoughts at once. These constantly whirring thoughts can cause the INTP to become anxious or frustrated. They often become so lost in their own thoughts, that is can become difficult to escape. They will over-analyze and think about things, until they come to somewhat stressful conclusions. Taking time to meditate and relax their thoughts, can really be beneficial for the INTP. Being able to clear their minds for just a few minutes, is actually extremely rejuvenating for them. They might struggle to find the time each day, but if they do it will be very helpful over time.


ENTPs have likely done plenty of research on meditation, since they enjoy learning new things. For the ENTP who hasn’t done this research yet, it can be very beneficial for them to begin with this part of the process. Once the ENTP understands the logical aspects of meditation, they can move forward with the benefits. It can help them to ease their thoughts and calm their minds- especially since they are always focusing on different things. ENTPs also enjoy trying something new, and meditation can be a great possibility to explore.


ISTJs can benefit from meditation in many different ways, even if they are hesitant to it. ISTJs work very hard on a constant basis, and because of this they can become a bit overwhelmed. Taking time to clear their thoughts can really help the ISTJ gain a better focus. They enjoy understandings things before jumping into them, so taking time to study the different forms of meditation can be very beneficial. Mindfulness is likely to be the best process for the ISTJ, but they can benefit from understanding the different types.


ESTJs are likely to struggle with meditation, since they are constantly on the go. Because of this desire to keep moving, they will often consider meditation a waste of their time. This likely means that the ESTJ will benefit greatly from taking time to meditate. Clearing their thoughts is extremely beneficial, and will help decrease their stress levels. ESTJs are naturally high strung people, and will often become stressed easily. Mixing meditation with plenty of exercise, is a great way for them to remain calmer.


ISFJs are often hesitant to try new things, and will do best if they have a loved one to encourage them. Beginning with something like yoga, can really help the ISFJ ease into the process of meditation. Simply remaining relaxed and focused on what they are doing- is truly a great benefit to the ISFJ. They carry so much weight on them, always wanting to care for their loved ones. Meditation can help the ISFJ ease their thoughts, and let go of some of the things that are bothering them.


ESFJs never really stop and take time for themselves, and are constantly worried about their loved ones. This worry can build a lot of stress in their lives, causing them to become anxious and on edge. Meditation might be something that the ESFJ is hesitant to try, but it can actually help them to relax and move forward in their lives. ESFJs will likely benefit from yoga as well, since it ties in their physical being. Being able to focus on something concrete and regimented, can help the ESFJ connect with what they are doing. Learning to gain better circulation, and physical wellness, will help the ESFJ feel like they are making real progress.


ISTPs are generally relaxed people, and are skilled at putting their thoughts aside. They are logical individuals, but often realize that stressing about things they cannot change is entirely pointless. Because of this, ISTPs might benefit from a more physical type of meditation. ISTPs can often find themselves connecting to meditation, through the process of yoga. Being able to connect their physical body and wellbeing with their mental self- can truly help the ISTP gain perspective.


ESTPs are very physical people, but they are constantly on the go and this can become stressful and overwhelming. They might hesitant to attempt meditation, especially if the people around them find it foolish. The ESTP will do best to begin with something like yoga, in order to connect their physical body to what they are doing. Yoga includes focusing your breathing and gaining better physical presence, but to have a full experience it also includes clearing your mind and meditating. This can be truly beneficial for the often stressed out ESTP.


ISFPs often benefit greatly from meditation, and might find themselves naturally connected to their spiritual sides. They often can do well to try different types of meditation in order to find what works best for them. ISFPs are usually not afraid to try something new, and won’t be hesitant to dive into their meditation process. This can help them to remain grounded, and clear their sometimes worried minds.


ESFPs are often fun-loving and forward moving people. They enjoy having fun, and are constantly trying to make people smile. They do however, have a side to them that can become extremely anxious. They might try to hide this part of themselves from others- but it is still very present. For the ESFP who finds themselves easily stressed, they can truly benefit from finding time to meditate. It might be challenging for them to remain this focused, but it can truly be beneficial for them when they do.

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