Here’s Why You Are a Handful, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s Why You Are a Handful, Based on Your Personality Type

Everyone can be a handful in some ways, each their own unique brand of complicated. Here is how much of a handful you are, based on your personality type.


INFJs can be a handful because they are extremely complex and sometimes confusing people. While they strive to be sincere and upfront, the INFJ possesses many layers to their personality which take time to unfold. They are naturally skilled at peering into the souls of others, but don’t leave themselves open very often. It can be difficult to truly understand them or get to know the depths of the INFJ. This is something that takes trust and time to uncover, which can definitely make a relationship with an INFJ complicated and a bit of a handful.


ENFJs are very focused people who work hard to take care of their loved ones. While they are caring and selfless individuals, ENFJs can definitely be a handful. They have a lot of energy and drive to get things done and to make sure everyone around them has goals and is moving towards them. Their desire to care for everyone else definitely causes the ENFJ to be smothering at times, which can be a handful for their loved ones.


INFPs can definitely be a handful at times, since they are such complex and emotionally guided people. INFPs can slip into times of wanting to be completely by themselves, while other times they require attention from their loved ones. INFPs also have times where they are overwhelmed by certain emotions and can become rather enveloped by those feelings. This can certainly cause them to be a handful, since they aren’t always predictable or easy to understand.


ENFPs can be somewhat demanding people, even though they don’t necessarily intend to be. ENFPs go after what they want and can be extremely passionate people. Their passion and curiosity can make the ENFP difficult to keep up with and sometimes hard to handle. They don’t enjoy being caged and have a strong desire to explore new things with a sense of freedom and excitement. ENFPs can be a handful for many reasons, but the biggest one is their sense of passion and curiosity.


INTJs are focused people who have a strong sense of independence. They have a thirst for knowledge which drives them to continue learning and growing. INTJs can be a handful because they have independent spirits, and are often very sure of their beliefs and knowledge. They don’t allow people to control them or attempt to sway them in any way. When the INTJ goes after something they can be stubborn and headstrong.


ENTJs are driven people who work hard to accomplish their goals. They value efficiency, which is a major reason why they can become a handful for others. They want to get things done to the best of their ability and become frustrated with people who cannot do their jobs properly. This can cause the ENTJ to be rather harsh, especially since they aren’t the most sensitive people. ENTJs will push those around them to perform properly, and will do this in a sometimes aggressive manner.


INTPs have rather complex inner minds, which can definitely make them a handful. They can sometimes be seen as cold to others since they focused on logic more than they do emotions. INTPs believe in being precise and don’t want to hold back for the sake of someone’s feelings. For the INTP it shows more caring and respect to be completely honest with someone. They will often find themselves trying to make their point clear, and this can appear hurtful to others.


ENTPs themselves are often handfuls, simply because they are independent and headstrong people. They enjoy exploring new things and will jump from one event to the next rather quickly. ENTPs have rather larger than life personalities and enjoy being able to challenge themselves constantly. This can cause the ENTP to be a bit intense to be around, making them quite the handful. They also aren’t as focused on emotions as they are logic and reason, which makes them occasionally insensitive.


ISTJs are somewhat reserved and internal people, who keep to themselves most of the time. Of all the types they are the least likely to be much of a handful, since they don’t want to burden others and actually enjoy maintaining a sense of independence and space. Where ISTJs can be a bit of a handful is when they are trying to perform a task and people seem to keep getting in their way. The ISTJ will find a way to overcome their challenges, and can actually be a bit intense and even seem cold to others. They are moral people so they want cross lines, but they aren’t the most sensitive people when it comes to emotions.


ESTJs are efficient people, which is what can make them a handful at times. They will do whatever it takes to get the job done and strive for a sense of effectiveness in their work. ESTJs will push themselves to perform and get things done, and can often push others as well. They are hardworking people who can become extremely frustrated by people who cannot perform properly. ESTJs aren’t the most sensitive people, so they can seem a bit hurtful when they are trying to get something done and others are getting in their way.


ISFJs are caring people who try hard not to be a burden to those around them. While ISFJs aren’t as much of a handful as some types, they do have their qualities that can be a bit difficult. ISFJs can be hovering when they are worried or concerned for the well-being of someone they love. They might feel a bit smothering because they are trying to ensure that person is taken care of and safe. This can be difficult for people who require space and distance and don’t want to feel like someone is trying to control them.


While ESFJs care deeply for others, they do have times when they can be a handful. Their desire to care for those around them makes them a bit high strung at times. The ESFJ will work hard to make their loved ones happy, but this behavior can feel a bit smothering to others. They have a hard time when their loved ones need space, and simply want to make sure they are taken care of. ESFJs also want to feel appreciated and might need affection from those around them. This can cause them to seem like a handful, especially to people who require a lot of space.


ISTPs are independent people which is exactly what can cause them to be such a handful. While they do care for their loved ones they will likely have a hard time sticking to one place. They might want to spontaneously up and go on a trip, and might have a hard time notifying others. ISTPs don’t do this to be hurtful, they simply have a desire to seek out adventure and can often get stuck inside of their own minds.


ESTPs are adventurous and spontaneous people, which causes them to be handfuls. They want to seek out excitement and adventure and dislike being stuck in one place. They will often take risks that might frighten and confuse those around them. ESTPs also can be somewhat demanding when it comes to their needs and dislike when they feel like they are being ignored by the people closest to them.


ISFPs are free-spirits who do not like to be contained by others. They enjoy being able to explore new things and want to let their hearts be their guide. This desire to take risks and live their lives with a sense of freedom, can cause them to be handfuls for others. ISFPs simply don’t want to feel controlled by others and want to seek out their hearts desire.


ESFPs can certainly be handfuls, since they can be somewhat demanding and reckless. They want to experience new things and enjoy being able to take risks in life. ESFPs can also place demands on their loved ones and might require a lot of attention from them. They dislike being ignored and want to feel loved and needed by those around them. This desire to have plenty of attention definitely makes the ESFP quite the handful.

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