Here’s What Your Happy Place Looks Like, Based on Your Personality Type

Everyone has their own idea of complete and utter heaven, but it is different or each person. What makes one individual happy could be complete misery for another. Here is what your happy place looks like, based on your personality type.



The INFJs happy place is often somewhere peaceful and quiet, where they can be with their favorite person. Whether this be in a relaxing scene in nature, in a library, or in their bedroom. The truly happy feeling for the INFJ comes from being in complete calm, just sitting with someone that means the world to them. They enjoy sharing deep conversations with this person, but also being able to sit in silence just enjoying one another’s presence. INFJs often go inside of their own inner minds, creating their happy place inside of themselves. They enjoy having someone to share their time with though, and it makes them truly happy to feel this quiet connection with someone.


The ENFJs happy place consists of seeing everyone they love completely happy as well. They want to share time with the people they love most, and are happiest in their presence. Seeing everyone they love completely at ease, makes the ENFJs happiest because they feel a relief of stress. ENFJs are so focused on taking care of everyone else that they rarely get any time to actually enjoy themselves. Seeing everyone happy and taken care of makes the ENFJ feel a sense of joy and peace. Being able to relax and spend time with their favorite people is all they truly need.


The INFPs happy place is somewhere complete serene, where they can spend hours reading in complete silence. They often enjoy sharing this place with someone special, who appreciates them and can enjoy the quiet as well. For the INFP having someone who accepts them for who they are without judgement, is truly one of the most rewarding things. Being able to just relax with this person, reading or talking about their inner feelings and goals.


The ENFP happy place often consists of plenty of entertainment and mentally stimulating activities. They don’t like being bored and anything too calm is actually more stressful for them. ENFPs also want to share their happy place with someone they love and enjoy being able to do things with that special person. They can lose patience with some people even if they don’t show it, so being around a group often isn’t the happiest place for the ENFP. They would rather be with someone they truly connect with who they can enjoy playing games or talking for hours.



For the INTJ the happiest place is often spending time researching and reading in peace. To some this seems like stress but it is honestly the most relaxing and enjoyable thing for them. They might enjoy spending this time with one truly special person, but only someone who is capable of appreciating the silence when necessary. Most of the time the INTJ would rather be on their own, enjoying the peace and quiet without constantly interruptions.


The ENTJs happy place is being able to revel in their accomplishments and share this with someone they love. Feeling loyalty from those closest to them and being able to connect with them on a deeper level. ENTJs are happiest when they can dominate in an intellectual manner, and feel most rewarded by people who appreciate this about them. Loyalty means the most to them, and so they want to share in these accomplishments with someone who sees them for who they are.


The INTPs happy place is often spend with someone who understands and accepts them entirely. While INTPs aren’t seen as social people, they do crave feeling understood by someone they love. Having this companion who can share the silence and enjoy reading or problem solving together, is truly a happy place for the INTP. They become overwhelmed by being around constant noise and people, and need time to themselves to recharge without feeling guilty.


The ENTPs happy place is often filled with imagination and new ideas. They like being able to experience new things and don’t like being stuck in one stagnant place. They feel happiest when they have plenty of mental stimulation and also when they can share in these adventures with someone they care for. ENTPs want to be able to share things with someone who understands and appreciates who they are who does not hold them back. Their happy place is often with this special person, simply enjoying whatever comes their way.



The ISTJs happy place is often sitting in silence enjoying a book and something that engages them. They want to feel mentally stimulated, but they don’t want to be drained by the presence of others. This happy place might include someone they love, but only if that person knows how to let them enjoy the quiet without needing to fill it with pointless noise. The ISTJs happy place is also a place where they can revel in their accomplishments and feel a sense of appreciation from their loved ones.


The ESTJs happy place is somewhere surrounded by their loved ones, feeling a sense of undying loyalty and appreciation from them. ESTJs want to be able to celebrate their accomplishments, and their greatest joy comes from feeling this from their loved ones as well. The ESTJs happy place is often somewhere celebrating, or even enjoying a vacation that they know they deserve with the people they love most.


The ISFJs happy place is often spent relaxing with their family and loved ones. Seeing everyone together as happy as possible, is what truly brings the ISFJ joy. They might not want to constantly be active in the conversation, but enjoy just sitting back and watching everyone enjoy themselves. They feel most at ease when they are around the people they love, especially when they see those people happy and cared for without a worry in the world.


The ESFJs happy place is often spent somewhere special with someone who they love deeply. Having all of their favorite people around them just enjoying every second, is pure bliss for the ESFJ. Seeing their loved ones happy and being able to share in that happiness is the absolute best thing for them. They often want to enjoy some sort of activity, like going on vacation somewhere relaxing and special to them. But the most important part is doing this with someone they love, and that is what makes it their happiest place.



The ISTPs happy place is often somewhere in silence, where they can work on problem solving. They might enjoy working with their hands and focusing on something that keeps them stimulated. ISTPs hate constant noise and interruptions, so their happy place is free of this. Often filled with their favorite music, just working on fixing something or putting together something that keeps them engaged and entertained.


The ESTPs happy place is often enjoying the present with someone they love, going on adventures with them. Their happy place often puts the ESTP as the center of attention, being able to interact with others and enjoy feelings loved. They need a place where they can feel engaged and stimulated, instead of feeling stagnant and trapped. Their happiest place is with their loved ones, feeling completely loved by them.


The ISFPs happy place is often somewhere serene and relaxing, but also beautiful. Possibly enjoying nature with someone special, just living their lives soaking up their surroundings. Whether they are reading a book or listening to their favorite music, being able to share in the quiet with someone they love is the best experience. ISFPs love being around that one special person who understands and appreciates them for who they are.


The happiest place for the ESFP is often spending time with their loved ones on some kind of adventure. If they can just soak up the present moment doing something exciting and fun with their favorite people, it is pure joy for the ESFP. They know how to make their lives joyful, and are happiest when they don’t have people trying to hold them back from this. Focusing on enjoying a vacation with their loved ones without any worries, is the happiest for the ESFPs.

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