Here’s How You Feel About Unexpected Visitors, Based on Your Personality Type

While some people can handle unexpected visitors with ease, others become uncomfortable and even annoyed by this. Having someone show up to your home or to an event when they weren’t invited, does pose a question of manners, but not everyone finds it all that bothersome. Here is how you most likely handle unexpected visitors, based on your personality type.



INFJs rarely find themselves pleased with the idea of unexpected visitors, and can even become a bit stressed by it. Having someone show up unannounced, even if it is someone they like, can be truly off-putting. INFJs prefer most things to be planned, and since they are such introverted people they don’t appreciate having someone suddenly in their personal space. It causes the INFJ to feel overwhelmed and forced to perform in a social situation that they weren’t prepared for. This can be especially upsetting if the INFJ already feel drained from a previous social engagement. Unexpected visitors are likely on the list of one of the worst irritations for most INFJs to endure.


While ENFJs are social creatures, sometimes unexpected visitors can actually be a bit annoying for them. They might have times when their day is completely busy and they have a lot to get done, and so someone showing up without letting them know can actually cause stress. The ENFJ will likely put on a happy face and do their best to entertain this person, but it can leave them feeling stressed and even a bit overwhelmed. They want to take care of things and maintain a sense of structure in their lives, and so unexpected visitors can sometimes ruin their balance.


INFPs really don’t appreciate unexpected visitors, and can sometimes try to ignore them until they go away. Having someone show up unannounced and invade their personal space, can feel extremely overwhelming. INFPs need time to themselves in order to recharge and actually do the things that fulfill them. If they are in a seriously introverted mode, the INFP will become extremely frustrated by the presence of someone who did not give them a heads up before coming over. Unless of course this person is someone the INFP feels comfortable with and allows to invade their space. It would have to be someone they don’t feel drained by, someone who can give them room and allow them to be silent.


ENFPs are spontaneous people and so sometimes they might enjoy unexpected visitors. It often depends on who the person is and if they are someone the ENFP actually likes spending time with. In this case an unexpected visit can be kind of nice, and gives them something exciting to shake up their day. ENFPs because tired of the same thing every day of their lives, and so they need something the challenge and excite them. Once in a while someone showing up without it being planned, can be a fun and spontaneous event.



INTJs definitely don’t enjoy unexpected visitors and might actually find this to be a bit rude. They would rather people give them some sort of heads up before just showing up for a visit. They need plenty of times to themselves and so INTJs don’t want this private time invaded with no real good reason. Someone simply showing up to see the INTJ without letting them know beforehand, is definitely going to be deemed as rude to them. They need some sort of notice with most people, and they want their boundaries to be respected and understood.


ENTJs can handle a little bit of spontaneity and they do enjoy having people who want to spend time with them. For the ENTJ their tolerance for surprise visits entirely depends upon the person, and their timing. If they are busy and have a lot going on, then having someone show up last minute is likely a stressful annoyance. ENTJs do prefer some sort of notice with most people, and want to them to be polite enough to ask before just showing up. If it is someone they are extremely close to, they still might find themselves a little bit annoyed with the visit but will do their best to make the most of it.


INTPs do have a very spontaneous side, but their tolerance for surprise visits entire depends on their moods. If the INTP has been socializing way too much and really just needs time alone, then it will be an extreme annoyance. They need this time to recharge and be with themselves, and will want people to be capable of respecting that. If the INTP is feeling up for it they do enjoy having friends who are a bit spontaneous and willing to do something last minute. For them a small heads up is nice, just so they can be sure if they have the social energy to do something.


ENTPs don’t usually mind unexpected visits, especially from someone they enjoy being around. ENTPs are spontaneous people who enjoy having things shaken up a bit. The same stagnant daily lifestyle can be truly draining for them, much more than having someone just show up at their front door. ENTPs enjoy when people are capable of surprising them, especially if it is someone they actually want to spend time with. In this case ENTPs are capable of going with the flow and won’t become too upset by an unexpected visitor.



ISTJs usually become highly frustrated with unexpected visitors and can even be a bit short-tempered in this situation. They might even feel like this is impolite to simply show up at someone’s home or event without some sort of prior notice. ISTJs believe that certain manners are important and often letting someone know you are coming is simply the appropriate thing to do. ISTJs need time to plan ahead, and they also need the energy to engage in social situations.


While ESTJs enjoy socializing and being around people, unexpected visitors can actually be an annoyance for them. They enjoy having things planned and simply prefer a simply phone call beforehand. Being able to plan for a visit helps the ESTJ become much more comfortable with the idea. They often have close friends which they don’t mind showing without much notice, but even then they can become annoyed with it if they are busy.


ISFJs usually don’t appreciate unexpected visitors, and prefer when people give a notice of some kind. They believe that manners are important and in most situations feel like some sort of heads up is really important. ISFJs need to plan for these situations and want to be sure that their home is ready for visitors. Having someone just show up can be stressful for them, since they want to be gracious hosts and hostesses. For the ISFJ it is simply more comfortable if they can plan ahead of things, and prepare themselves for visitors.


While ESFJs enjoy interacting with their loved ones, unexpected visitors can be stressful. They want to be able to prepare for things and plan their day accordingly. They might have other work that needs to be done, or a home that isn’t ready for visitors, and this these situations having someone show up randomly can be truly stressful. ESFJs might have certain people who they feel comfortable allowing to show up without much wanting, but in most situations unplanned visits are just overwhelming for them.



ISTPs don’t usually mind unexpected visitors when it is someone they enjoy being around. While ISTPs do enjoy spontaneity, they also need a lot of time to themselves. Being surprised isn’t what bothers them when someone simply shows up unannounced, it is the feeling like they need to entertain or interact when they aren’t in the mood for it. ISTPs want to be able to escape a social situation at any time, and so unexpected visitors can be a little draining for them.


ESTPs can often become annoyed by unexpected visitors, simply because they do enjoy their space. They do their best to deal with it though, since they have a very go with the flow personality. ESTPs are also social people, who can often adapt and find a way to enjoy interacting with someone. They don’t need things to be planned, but it often depends on their current mood and situation. If the ESTP is very busy and has other things they are dealing with, having someone just show up can feel a little bit obnoxious.


ISFPs don’t mind when someone is spontaneous, especially if it is someone they are close to. Having their loved ones just show up isn’t something that usually upset or bothers the ISFP. If they are feeling socially drained they can become a bit upset by this though, and will want to feel free to be by themselves. ISFPs have certain people they enjoy being around no matter what, and those people can often sit in silence with them when the ISFP needs this time.


ESFPs often don’t mind unexpected visitors, especially if it is people they actually enjoy being around. They are social people who crave interaction and actually want their lives to be a bit chaotic. For the ESFP there is nothing worse than being bored or left ignored, and so having someone show up unannounced is actually something they enjoy. When people want to be around the ESFP and spend time with them, it makes them feel happy and loved.



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