Here’s How Finicky You Can Be, Based on Your Personality Type

Some people are just naturally very picky about the things they like and how they want things done. While others prefer to go with the flow and don’t like being overly uptight about their choices. Here is how finicky you can be, based on your personality type.



INFJs try not to be overly finicky and are capable of letting certain things slide. They don’t like doing anything that could upset others, and so sometimes they will just maintain a sense of calm even if they want to be a bit picky. INFJs do like things a certain way, and can be a little bit finicky when it comes to things they enjoy and want to participate in. They might find themselves turning down activities, food, or even clothing that just doesn’t fit their personality or taste. They don’t do this on purpose, they simply know what they enjoy and don’t like having things changed on them.


ENFJs can be a little bit finicky from time to time, simply because they know what they like and dislike. They want to stick to the things that they enjoy and don’t want to be forced into something. ENFJs also prefer to stick with what they know and what they are most comfortable with. They know how they want things done and what they like, and so they can definitely be finicky. If something isn’t quite how they want it, the ENFJ might attempt to change this or fix the situation. They try to do this in a way that doesn’t upset or bother anyone though, since the last thing they want is to get on someone’s nerves.


INFPs do know what they like, but at the same time they don’t want to be that finicky. The reason INFPs try to avoid being picky, is because they want to experience new things in life. Sometimes they enjoy jumping into something they don’t really know, instead of sticking within their comfort zone. While INFPs will be finicky about things they have already experienced, if it is something new they often want to give it a chance before making this decision. They try to go with the flow of things, instead of being overly finicky about what they will or will not try.


ENFPs don’t like to be finicky about things and actually prefer to just go with the flow. ENFPs enjoy trying new things and want to be able to experience something new. They also don’t want to be seen as someone who is finicky or picky, instead they prefer to be a bit more open-minded with things. ENFPs also enjoy change and mixing things up, so they try to avoid being finicky about their choices. If they are open to something they haven’t seen or experienced in a while, then it gives them a chance to really shake things up.



INTJs can sometimes be finicky about things, since they know what they like. They are willing to try new experiences, but only if they can logically see it being something they might enjoy. INTJs can be finicky when they are fully aware of something they don’t actually like or want to experience. They simply prefer to focus on what fulfills them and provides them with value, instead of wasting time and energy on the things that don’t. INTJs are particular about things sometimes, and prefer to have tasks performed the way they want.


ENTJs can be a bit finicky at times, and can become frustrated when things don’t go as they want. ENTJs are willing to try new experiences, but they have to be things they can logically asses and believe they will gain value from. ENTJs simply want most things and tasks done a certain way, and they can become annoyed when anything deviates from this. They can be a bit stern about how they want situations to be handled, and so this definitely makes them appear a bit finicky at times.


INTPs don’t like being finicky, since it can limit them and cut back on experiencing new things. They would rather be open to something new and different, and so they try to be less particular about what they are willing to try. Whether it be new restaurants, clothing, or activities- the INTP is often willing to be shown something new instead of sticking too what they are comfortable with. They aren’t the most finicky people with most things in life and are willing to go with the flow a bit.


ENTPs really aren’t finicky people, instead they actually can be the opposite. They enjoy experiencing new things and want to be open to trying different activities. ENTPs become bored somewhat easily and dislike being stuck in the same schedule and stagnant position. For them it is more fulfilling to be open and to allow themselves to just go with the flow. If something changes last minute the ENTP likely won’t be finicky, instead they will try to adapt to the situation.



ISTJs can definitely be finicky sometimes, since they know what they like and dislike. They don’t really enjoy being forced into new experiences, especially if they aren’t prepared for it. They prefer to focus on the things and experiences that they know and are most comfortable with. For the ISTJ it can be unnerving to be forced into something they don’t enjoy or want, and so they definitely are finicky about most things in life. They simply know what they want and don’t like being told that they should change their mind.


ESTJs can certainly be finicky people, since they are sure of what they like and what makes them happy. They don’t like being forced into situations, especially since they strive to be prepared for everything. ESTJs can become frustrated when someone tries to toss new things at them, and will certainly show their finicky side in these situations. ESTJs simply know what they want in life and are sure of the things that bring them a sense of joy.


ISFJs can be a bit finicky sometimes, especially since they know what they like and want. They dislike being pushed into trying something new, and prefer to stay within their comfort zone most of the time. ISFJs can be finicky, and are very firm about the things they enjoy and want from life. This can make people see them as picky or even uptight, but that really isn’t the case. ISFJs just want to be able to focus on the things that are most important to them and dislike being pushed into something.


ESFJs can be a bit finicky at times, and might find themselves becoming frustrated when people try to push them into something new. ESFJs know what they want from life and they don’t like being forced into trying new things just because someone thinks that is what they should do. When the ESFJ is focused on getting something done, they don’t like having curve balls tossed at them. They often want things done a certain way, especially when they are trying to take care of their loved ones and do things for them.



ISTPs aren’t usually finicky people, since they prefer to just go with the flow. They live very much in the moment and like being able to experience new things. ISTPs don’t like stagnancy and they don’t like holding onto the past or things they are comfortable with. They will attempt to live in the moment and take these experiences as they come at them. ISTPs want to seek out excitement and adventure in their lives, and so they really don’t like being too finicky.


ESTPs aren’t usually finicky people, instead they like to go with the flow. They do have certain things they enjoy having done a certain way, since they do value being able to get things accomplished how they want. ESTPs usually try to let things happen though, and can be adaptable to new situations. They don’t want to be seen as someone who is finicky and so they will try not to be too particular about what they want or how they want things done.


ISFPs try not to be too finicky, since they enjoy being able to experience new things. They don’t want to remain stagnant or stuck in a certain way of thinking. Instead the ISFP wants to be able to jump into something new, and love having things shaken up a bit. For them it becomes boring when they are living their lives in a schedule, and so they do like when things are a bit unpredictable. They are go with the flow kind of people, and so they certainly don’t like to be finicky.


ESFPs try not to be finicky people, and enjoy trying to new experiences. They want to be open to new things, and don’t like feeling stuck in their comfort zones. There are some things the ESFP will finicky about though, especially when they know how they want it done. For the ESFP it entirely depends on their current mood and what they are hoping for that day. They can change their minds sometimes, wanting things to be done a certain way and in these instances their finicky side can come out.

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