How To Tell If Each Myers Briggs (MBTI) Type Likes You

How To Tell If Each Myers Briggs (MBTI) Type Likes You

by Personality Growth

How To Tell If Each MBTI Type Likes You

Sometimes it is challenging to tell if someone likes you, especially since everyone expresses their interest in a different way. Well now if you know someones Myers Briggs type you can tell if they have a crush on you. This list below will be your decoder into their feelings…


INFJ- They will find out everything that they can about you and take an interest in what you like.

INFP- They will write poetry about you that you probably won’t ever get to see.

INTJ- They will research you.

INTP- They will give you valuable but perhaps unwanted feedback.

ENFJ- They will slowly but surely integrate themselves into your life, so that you need them.

ENFP- They will find ways to embarrass or tease you.

ENTJ- They will freak out because they don’t know what to do with their feels.

ENTP- They will start trolling you more than they do everyone else.

ISFJ- They will bring you cookies and tend to your needs.

ISFP- They’ll be shy and kind of playful, but mostly shy.

ISTJ- They will try and court you in the most traditional way possible.

ISTP- They’ll try and impress you by doing a back-flip on their dirt-bike.

ESFJ- They act slightly disinterested, and try to show you how popular they are.

ESFP- They’ll just tell you.

ESTJ- They will talk about you to everyone that they know.

ESTP- They will sell themselves to you.

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